Get the RIGHT content to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time.

Content marketing is the foundation for successful inbound marketing strategies and can be thought of as a subset of inbound marketing. Content marketing focuses on getting the right content to the right people at the right time by answering these three questions:

Who is your business trying to reach? (The RIGHT people)

Successful inbound marketing begins with knowing who you want to reach. Having clear profiles of your ideal customers, or Buyer Personas, helps you tailor content to their needs, which will work to attract and convert them into leads and customers over time.


What does your typical buying cycle look like? (The RIGHT time)

All buyers go through the same three-stage process (Buyer's Journey) to make a buying decision. It begins with the Awareness Stage when prospects are doing educational research. Next is the Consideration Stage when prospects are looking to determine what options are available. The Decision Stage is when prospects have narrowed down the vendors and products for their purchase decision and are ready to talk to a salesperson. Some buyers will move through this process quickly while others may take months or even years. Content needs to be tailored to where prospects are in the Buyer's Journey.

The Buyer's Journey

The Buyer's Journey


What kind of content should you provide? (The RIGHT content)

The RIGHT content is content created for each Buyer Persona based on where they are in the Buyer's Journey. By aligning content with the interests of your buyer personas, you can attract them to your website and convert them into leads, customers and promoters. The RIGHT content will establish a relationship between you and a prospect, keep your brand in front of them, answer questions about your product or service, and demonstrate your expertise and value. Inbound marketing uses a wide variety of written and visual content, including: blog articles, whitepapers, eBooks, images, videos, webinars, case studies, infographics, research reports, and more.